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A bit about us

Devoted to preserving and developing the music from the Eastern Mountains, across the hills, prairies, Great Plains, deserts and Western mountains that helped build our Great Country.


The music of immigrants,  mountain men, hillbillies, explorers, pioneers, soldiers, farmers, homesteaders, ranchers, cowboys, miners, wagon trains, slaves and freed slaves, gunfighters, saloons, dance hall girls and all who contributed to building and expanding our Nation. Music you can relate to whether you are white, black, brown, red or yellow.  And to the poets, musicians, rednecks, blue collars, truckers, modern farmers and ranchers and all who love and continue to develop and expand the love and understanding of these great forms of music!  The music of common and uncommon people.


The attempt to separate these great forms of music has failed because they were always interrelated. Mountain music merged with western music clear back in the 1920’s and the cowboy singers sang of the western way of life as well as the blues emanating from the Deep South. They all sang of problems, family, current events, lifestyles, and wrote songs projecting their observations and emotions.  Different regions of the country developed different styles of music. Bluegrass evolved from the mountain ballads and blues, and is a natural member of the family. Music dubbed “Country Music” encompassed all of these forms, and borrowed some of the great pop and big band music, offering it in the unique vocals and instrumentation associated with “hillbilly” “folk” and “western” music. Country, Western and Bluegrass Music are all members of the same family and it is time for this family reunion.




This association is formed to reunite the entertainers, singers, instrumentalists, songwriters, poets, and everyone else who has a love of music and a reason for involvement. The performers are the ones out front in the public eye, but their success depends on dozens of others in the music industry. Instrument and equipment manufacturers and retailers,  recording studios, directors, producers, sound editors and sound equipment operators, roadies, fairs, auditoriums, clubs, show venues of all types, the list is almost endless, have a vested interest in belonging to an organization that can integrate and help resolve the various requirements of each. And to those who have no direct talent, abilities or materials to offer, but just love good CWB music.


A database listing each member with a weekly email newsletter to each member in which the members can list pertinent information about their current events, performances, bookings, equipment needs and/or equipment for sale, openings for new band members, and any other topic of interest or need will greatly enhance each member’s potential in the music industry.


Information concerning local jam sessions, contests, club openings, county fairs, state fairs, grand openings, national events, on-line and streaming information, and everything else relating to the music and entertainment industry can be presented to the members.


Publications, classes, seminars and other information and sources provided by entities related to the music and entertainment industry can be assembled and referred to the members.


CWB may initiate, sponsor and/or manage such functions as festivals, showcases, jam sessions, contests and other public and private events that members recommend and are of interest. Members may be offered the opportunity to be involved in such events in positions of entertainment or other functions, with or without compensation.


CWB shall initiate and promote classes, schooling and tutoring of musical instruction for various instruments and vocals including financial involvement in some instances.


CWB may participate and cooperate at events in conjunction with other entities such as fairs, festivals and shows.


CWB is primarily an association of Country, Western and Bluegrass music and entertainers. However, entertainers and music of all genre are welcomed into the association and a variety of entertainment may be introduced and performed at CWB functions and special occasions.


Businesses of all types are welcome as members. Sponsorship of functions and events shall always be appreciated. CWB may either actively or passively promote businesses and products that actively support CWB.


Country Western Bluegrass Music Association, Inc. was incorporated as a Nonprofit Wyoming Corporation January 12, 2020. IRS tax exempt status 501(c) (3) was established February 26, 2020.


Lifetime Charter Memberships are now being issued for $50.00.

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